Mobile Website Design

Generally when you access a normal website on a mobile device, you will notice it to be jumbled & extremely difficult to navigate. And this creates a bad impression on mobile visitors. But when you access a mobile website on a mobile device, you will notice that website with a different look and with a comprehensive & space preserving placement of images & texts. With the growing trend of smart phones usage, mobile websites needs to be optimized or mobile enabled using Mobile website development.

We work to implement choices of clients for numerous mobile website designs. As you read "Adjusting a site for the mobile environment is not a great challenge for us", we are capable of facing all major challenges and can provide you the best out of mobile web development. We offer creative and best mobile website development services to variety of mobile platforms in order to cover the mobile visitors and make your web presence flawless on mobile devices. Mobile is a great place to try new things with different limits. People using the mobile web are much less patient than those in front of a computer. Cell phone screens are much smaller and the mobile internet connection, usually 3G, isn´t as fast yet.

The content should be the highest priority. The screen is very small so the design should be as clean as possible with less images and a lot of white space. The mobile connection isn´t as fast yet to handle images, and it can make it harder to focus on the content.

Each phone has a different screen size, and the iPhone has two positions: vertical and horizontal. So, the site cannot have a fixed width with pixels. It is much better to use percentage and EMS. This method will make the site adaptable to the various screens sizes. Also we can limit the zoom of the interface and the size of the screen using the META properties for mobiles.

Don´t expect the mobile site to look the same in all mobile browsers; there are dozens out there. There are some HTML elements and CSS properties that aren´t supported by some mobile browsers or, at least, it doesn't work the way it should. The various heading markups for example will look different from browser to browser. But if all we want is a site that works well on the iPhone and android, we won´t have too much trouble with the code as we already have with desktop browsers. All we need is to adapt the site as said in the other topics.