Web Services

A company website is the source of updated information for customers and partners, a market for selling products and services, an opportunity for advertisement and promotion.

Our core expertise is the fast custom implementation of the feature rich websites with strong functional component and administration backend.

A full range of highly professional, and yet affordable web design & development services are what we deliver.

Our team will make sure that they make highest possible efforts to make your website perform at the highest standard & meet the needs of your business. Various technologies (ASP, NET, JavaScript & HTML) will be used for the implementation of your websites.

We provide hosting space if you wish to host your website with us. You are also free to host your website with the hosting company of your choice.

We also provide

  • unisoft-geeks Interactive web applications
  • unisoft-geeks Dynamic web sites
  • unisoft-geeks GUI design and development
  • unisoft-geeks Interactive knowledge databases development
  • unisoft-geeks E-learning systems development
  • unisoft-geeks Multimedia applications with video, animation and audio support

Today, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the most essential part of website development. With almost 86% of people finding their links to new websites through search engine, SEO has become a critical component in website development.

Our clients reach out to millions through the power of search engines. Optimization achieved by backlinks, texts, social media marketing.
Email marketing, Referral marketing, Content marketing, Image search, Local search, Video search

  • unisoft-geeks Website Optimization
  • unisoft-geeks Content writing/Editing
  • unisoft-geeks Keyword Research
  • unisoft-geeks Link Popularity/Link Building
  • unisoft-geeks Page Rank Reporting and Monitoring
  • unisoft-geeks Pay-Per-Click Management Services
  • unisoft-geeks Google AdSense
  • unisoft-geeks Affiliate Program
  • unisoft-geeks Professional Search Engine Submission
  • unisoft-geeks Directory Submission
  • unisoft-geeks Email Marketing
  • unisoft-geeks Banner Advertising
  • unisoft-geeks Press Release Submission
  • unisoft-geeks Manual Article Submission
  • unisoft-geeks Trade Board, Message Board & Classified Ads Submission

We provide SEO friendly Cross Browser Compatible Website Design!

Websites play a vital role in development and growth of a successful corporate business. It creates a huge impact on the minds of the visitors and establishes a brand in the market. When it comes to web page design the first impression is always a lasting impression. This is what you should always keep in mind if you are targeting the growth and development of your enterprise in the prevailing competitive market.

We provide designs with minute precision so that logos, images and the overall look are in synchronization with the line of business.

We design cross-platform HTML5 web applications.

Our applications perform flawlessly and with style on mobile and tablet screens.

Our mobile web development solutions will allow you to target both mobile and web users.

Our web designs are SEO friendly, which helps your business attract more visitors.

We also provide Responsive Web Design (RWD) for optimal viewing experience based on CSS3.

Apart from designing websites we also create Brochures, Letterheads, Flyers, Visiting cards CD covers for your corporate which helps you in brand building and popularizing your products and services.

  • Some of the tools we use for design
  • unisoft-geeks Photoshop
  • unisoft-geeks Dreamweaver
  • unisoft-geeks Corel Draw
  • unisoft-geeks Illustrator
  • unisoft-geeks Flash

  • Our Design Services
  • unisoft-geeks Web Page Design
  • unisoft-geeks Logo Samples
  • unisoft-geeks Business Cards & Letterheads
  • unisoft-geeks CSS Web Design
  • unisoft-geeks Static Banners
  • unisoft-geeks Flash Banners
  • unisoft-geeks Brochure Sample
  • unisoft-geeks Flyers and Multimedia Presentations
  • unisoft-geeks Newsletter Design
  • unisoft-geeks WordPress, Joomla, Drupal Services (Installation, Theming, Customization)
  • unisoft-geeks Templates (Custom and Pre-Designed), Splash Pages, Landing Pages
  • unisoft-geeks Corporate Identity Design

Payment gateway is basically a service which is used to process credit transactions that accept online orders from your customers.

Payment gateway plays a vital role in e-commerce business solutions, through which one can buy the products by making the payment online through web services that is called as payment gateways.

If this online payment facility is missing in your e-commerce website then the customers will get frustrated after searching and selecting the products for purchasing but they don’t get the link for payment…this will create a fuss and you will lose the customer.

We can do the payment gateway integration with your shopping cart, e-business so that you can easily process for credit cards on your website.

Payment gateway is a secure channel in which payment is made electronically and all of these transactions are done in an encrypted mode, so it’s very much difficult to hack the system and corrupt the transactions record.

In the present time ecommerce, online shopping and shopping cart is increasing at exponential rates. That's why there is a need that your website or online web store should be integrated via payment gateway. The theme is to get the payment before your shipment.

Our Integration features

  • unisoft-geeks Flexible Integration
  • unisoft-geeks Fast Transaction processing
  • unisoft-geeks Full Transaction Features
  • unisoft-geeks Cost effective
  • unisoft-geeks SSL (Secure socket layer)
  • unisoft-geeks Payment gateway APIs
  • unisoft-geeks Real-time and flexible solution
  • unisoft-geeks E-Commerce

To ensure a perfect experience of “go live” we also provide Hosting services with Domain registration to our client so that they can host their website with us in a hassle-free way.

We provide advanced hosting solutions for windows

To complement our web hosting, we also provide high quality email and domain name hosting.

Separate FTP account is also provided if you want.

What will you get if you host with us? Get an unrivalled, stable & reliable web hosting with Unisoft Geeks Pvt Ltd. Our web hosting is focused on quality, top site speed, unmatched security and 24/7 support. We provide 1 year FREE hosting & website maintenance without compromising quality.

We handle following hosting related issues:

  • unisoft-geeks Hosting domains
  • unisoft-geeks Separate FTP Account
  • unisoft-geeks Control panel/FTP password reset
  • unisoft-geeks Enabling web users
  • unisoft-geeks Mail settings
  • unisoft-geeks Account creation
  • unisoft-geeks Adding a new domain/ sub domain
  • unisoft-geeks Mail related issues (Pop3, smtp, webmail)
  • unisoft-geeks Web statistics support
  • unisoft-geeks Web user accounts creation
  • unisoft-geeks And other related issues…

Both visitors and search engines on the Internet like to visit websites with updated and fresh content.

Websites need regular maintenance like updating graphics and content to stay afloat in the competitive arena.

There are numerous website management services like updating graphics and content, showcasing latest products/services on the website, keeping prevailing and potential customers informed about changes in your business, adding the latest relating to search engine marketing and ecommerce so on and so forth

It is mandatory for you to ensure that your website is being maintained regularly if you wish to gain competitive edge.

Regular site maintenance does not cost a fortune. It helps you immensely in the long run to become an influential player and a name to reckon with in the long run.

Your website can be enhanced with the following add-ons:

  • unisoft-geeks Facebook Social Plugins
  • unisoft-geeks Home Page Banners
  • unisoft-geeks News Or Articles
  • unisoft-geeks Photo Galleries
  • unisoft-geeks Twitter Social Plugins
  • unisoft-geeks Videos
  • unisoft-geeks Login Areas
  • unisoft-geeks Blogs And Forums
  • unisoft-geeks Calculators